G. Murray Thomas




  1. G.Murray Thomas is best known as the editor of Next... Magazine, a poetry calendar/newsmagazine for Southern California. Next... Magazine was published monthly between 1994 and 1998. Thomas currently edits a monthly listing of poetry events for Poetix.net, the source for information about SoCal poetry. He is also the Reviews Editor for Poetix.

    News Clips & Ego Trips, a collection of articles from Next... Magazine, was just published by Write Bloody Press;

    He recently published My Kidney Just Arrived, a collection of poems based on his experiences as a dialysis and transplant patient, with Tebot Bach.

Thomas' first full length collection of poems, Cows on the Freeway, was published by iUniverse in 2000. He has also published five chapbooks, Death to the Real World, Opposite Oceans, Poetry Spilled All Over the Carpet,  A Rare Thing, and Songs of Inappropriate Desire. In 2005, iUniverse reprinted Paper Shredders, an anthology of surf poetry Thomas first published in 1993.

Thomas‘ poetry has been published in numerous literary magazines, including Chiron Review, Pearl, Caffeine and Spillway. He has had articles and reviews published in OC Weekly, Panik, and Skratch, as well as the websites Poetix, Ground Control, Poetic Diversity  and The Independent Reviews Site. 

    Thomas also does voice-over work. For more information on that, go to his Voice123 profile.

    You can reach me at Nextmag@aol.com

G. Murray Thomas

(Photo by James Brewer)