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Poem: “Trying to Drag the Beauty Out of a Flower”

Video by KaRi of The Prime Spot.

Poem: “Sunday Afternoon Ghost Town”

Video by Poetry LA

A short video profile.

Video by Kija Manhare.

Poem: “Skin Cancer”

Me in the KBeach Studio.

Video by KaRi.


The rose explodes in fiery red.

I trace the silky outline of a petal,

Search for the scent, the seduction,

the mystery.

The rose disintegrates in my hand.

The news explodes in blocked out black.

The president speaks, the people tremble.

The flags seem stuck at half their mast.

The crowds shuffle, they whisper and argue

and leave blossoming bouquets behind.

My heart implodes into pools of lead.

I read, I watch, I turn away.

The television drones, while I numbly

walk out to my garden

And try to drag

the beauty out of a flower.

(Available in My Kidney Just Arrived)


We stroll the deserted cowboy-colored streets

searching for an open restaurant

an open museum

another body

a drink.

We caress the polished grain of a horseless hitching post

Stare down the silent train tracks

Listen our footsteps echo across hollow wooden sidewalks

Gaze through dark, dusty store windows.

Is everybody in church?

Following tradition older than the antiques

lingering behind locked doors.

We have our own traditions.

Brunch with unlimited champagne,

poetry filled coffeehouses,

and endless strolls through empty streets


We finally find a polished counter

to hold cold beers for us

a chipper waitress

and a football game on the TV.

But when we return to the street

it is still empty.

The restaurants are still closed.

The dust still gathers in the windows,

and we find ourselves still searching.

(Available in My Kidney Just Arrived)


The doctor told me as I lay in pre-op prep.

I envisioned a special chartered flight,

an entire airplane filled with organs.

Hearts with little heart shaped carry-ons.

They always watch the inflight movie

and cry all the way through.

Livers splurging on one last drink;

they don’t think they’ll be allowed

where they’re going.

The lungs eye the spot

where the oxygen masks drop.

Corneas stare out at the passing countryside;

they always get a window seat.

The spleens are always complaining

about security

about the length of the flight

about the lack of leg room

(although they have no legs).

The gall bladder always gets in line

before his row is called.

And there’s my kidney,

no doubt reading a book to pass the time

something classic: As I Lay Dying,

or Great Expectations,

or The Stranger.

All of them wondering

about the journey ahead,

about their new home,

about their new life.

(Available in My Kidney Just Arrived)

Reading at Pondwater 10/1/11.

Video by RD Armstrong.


Cows spilled all over the freeway

by another amusing anecdote

on the traffic report.

Cows standing, dazed,

the carcasses of their traveling companions

scattered around them

hinting at something,

something they can’t understand

yet obviously important.

While more things they can’t understand

zip by

too fast to catch

or even focus on

yet, again, obviously important.

These cows know

there is something they must do


But they sure don’t know

what the hell it could be.

I can’t tell you how often

I feel like a cow

on a freeway.

(Available in Cows on the Freeway)

Anita Smith performing my poem

“The Song of Inappropriate Desire”

Oct. 25, 2011

G. Murray Thomas and RD Armstrong at the Telluride CO Library.

Reading a couple of poems about my childhood at John Macker’s Roadhouse, Nov. 4, 2011.

Video by RD Armstrong.

Reading at Blackbird Biuvette, ABQ, NM

Nov. 3, 2011.

Video by RD Armstrong.

Reading “Your Kidney Just Arrived at LAX”

at the Moonday East reading, Flintridge Bookstore.

Video by RD Armstrong

Also from the Pondwater reading:

“Your Kidney Just Arrived at LAX”

Also from Moonday:

“Where I Come From”

More videos from the fall 2011 tour of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico:

Denver CO, 10/28/11:

    The complete set.

Pueblo CO, 10/31/11:

    Several poems from My Kidney Just Arrived


    “Skin Cancer”

On Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012,  I led a discussion of SoCal poetry in the 1990s at Beyond Baroque. The panel featured authors from News Clips & Ego Trips: The Best of Next... Magazine. As well as myself, there were RD “Raindog” Armstrong, Lynne Bronstein and James “Boomer” Maverick. The discussion lasted about 90 minutes, and covered a wide variety of topics, from the influence of coffeehouses and slams, to open mike etiquette (and horror stories of the lack thereof).

Raindog videoed the whole thing. I have posted excerpts on YouTube. Here they are, in order:

Part One (opening remarks by G. Murray Thomas)

Part Two (RD Armstrong remarks)

Part Three (Lynne Bronstein remarks)

Part Four (James Maverick remarks)

Part Five (the real discussion begins)

Part Six (audience questions)

Part Seven (the discussion continues with the audience)

Part Eight (in which we switch to a hand held camera, and the camera angles get weird)

Part Nine (some final audience questions, and some closing statements)

Part Ten (closing statements from the panel)

The discussion was based around the book, which collects articles from Next... Magazine, a monthly newsmagazine/calendar I published from 1994 - 1998 covering the SoCal poetry scene. News Clips & Ego Trips can be ordered from Write Bloody Publishing.

For all my videos of me reading poetry, go to: My Poetry on YouTube

There are also many other videos of interest at my full YouTube channel:

You Tube playlist of my final SoCal featured reading: